Brian Smithson

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Brian Smithson is a retired graphic designer and publication manager, but has had a keen interest in photography ever since his Uncle allowed him to play with his rangefinder camera—some 50 years ago!

Brian has followed the trends over the years and has transitioned from film to digital, from DSLR to Compact System Cameras - but the one thing that has not changed is the style of photographs he takes - a completely individual view and that leads to the tagline of "points his camera at all sorts of things but doesn't always press the shutter".

You are most welcome to browse around the site and, if you feel so moved, leave a comment or two or even purchase a print or download. Printing is managed in the UK by the excellent Loxley Colour who have very high standards.

You can always leave me a message too - just follow the Contact link in the left navigation.

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